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e-Valmiki Ramayana ( Sanskrit text with translation in English ) : Kishkindhakanda (4)

Created by : Asharfi Lal Mishra
Asharfi Lal Mishra

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                                                                 || Poet: Valmiki ||

                                                         * KISHKINDHAKANDA*


                                       ज्येष्ठो भ्राता पिता चैव यश्च विद्यां प्रयच्छति। 
                                         त्रयस्ते   पितरो   ज्ञेया   धर्मे   पथि हि  वर्तिनः।। 

                The eldest brother, the father and he who gives learning,~~these three are to regarded as parents by one who sticks to the path of dharma.

                                        यवीयानात्मनः पुत्रः शिष्यश्चापि गुणोदितः। 
                                        पुत्रवत्ते   त्रयश्चिन्त्या  धर्मश्चेदत्र कारणम।।

                A younger brother , one`s own son and the pupil endowed with virtue~~these three are to be considered equal to sons if indeed dharma is the governing principle.

                                      सूक्ष्मः  परमदुर्ज्ञेयः   सतां  धर्मः    प्लवङ्गम। 
                                      हृदिस्थः सर्वभूतानाम आत्मा वेद शुभाशुभम।।

                O monkey , the religion of the good is subtle , and difficult of comprehension . The spirit that is in the heart of every being knows what is good and what is not good .

                                      अहं तु व्यक्ततामस्य वचनस्य ब्रवीमि ते। 
                                      न हि मां केवलं रोषात त्वं विगर्हितुमर्हसि।।

               But I shall tell it to you in plain words . Therefore it does not  behove you to censure me merely because of your younger.

                                     तदेतत   कारणं    पश्य   यदर्थं  त्वं मया हतः। 
                                     भ्रातुर्वर्तसि भार्यायां त्यक्त्वा धर्मं सनातनम।।

             Know this to be the reason why you have been killed by me . Violating the traditional code of conduct , you have seduced your brother`s wife.

                                  अस्य त्वं धरमाणस्य सुग्रीवस्य महात्मनः। 
                                  रुमायं वर्तसे कामात स्नुषायां पापकर्मकृत।।

                     While the high-minded Sugriva is still alive , sinful as you are, you keep Ruma who is your daughter-in-law , on account of passion.

                                 तव्द्यतीतस्य   ते धर्मात कामवृत्तस्य वानर।
                                 भ्रातृभार्याविमर्शेSस्मिन दण्डोSयं प्रतिपादितः।।

             Hence , O monkey , to you who have transgressed  dharma and who are addicted to passion , punishment is accorded foe carnal knowledge

                                सुग्रीवेण च मे सख्यं  लक्ष्मणेन यथा तथा। 
                                दारराज्यनिमित्तं च निश्रेयसि रतः स मे।

              I have contracted  friendship with the Sugriva, like unto Lakshmana . With a view to regaining his wife and kingdom, he has decided to work for my welfare.

                                तदेभिः कारणैः सर्वैर्महद्भिर्धर्मसंहितैः। 
                                शासनं तव यद्युक्तं तद्भवाननुमन्यताम।।

                Therefore, on account of all these high reasons , approved by dharma , punishment was inflicted on you . You must agree that it is so .

                                 सर्वथा धर्मं इत्येव द्रष्टव्यस्तव  निग्रहः।।

                   Your punishment should always be looked upon a righteous under all circumstances
                                  श्रृणु चाप्यपरं भूयः कारणं हरिपुङ्गव। 
                                  यच्छ्रुत्वा हेतुमद्वीर न मन्युं कर्तुमर्हसि।।  

               O foremost of monkeys , hear again this other region , hearing which , O hero it behoves you not to become angry.

                                  वागुराभिश्च     पाशैश्च    कूटैश्च      विविधैर्नराः। 
                                  प्रतिच्छन्नाश्च दृश्याश्च गृह्णन्ति  सुबहून मृगान।। 

                 People catch, either concealed or openly, many animals by various kind of net , noose and trap.

                                  तस्मात्त्वं     निहितो   युद्धे   मया   बाणेन     वानर।
                                  अयुध्यन  प्रतियुध्यन वा यस्माच्छाखामृगो ह्यसि।।   

              Therefore , O monkey , you were killed by me in a battle with an arrow ; for, whether not fighting or fighting indirectly , you are only a monkey .

                                 दुर्लभस्य च धर्मस्य जीवितस्य सुखस्य च। 
                                 राजानो वानरश्रेष्ठ प्रदातारो न संशयः।।

             O best of monkeys , there is no doubt that kings are the bestowers of righteousness that is difficult to attain and of life that is enjoyable .

                                तान्न हिंस्यान्न चाक्रोशेन्नाक्षिपेन्नाप्रियं वदेत। 
                                देवा     मनुष्यरूपेण     चरन्त्येते         महीतले।।  

              Therefore , it does not behove anyone to injure ,to blame , to disregard or to speak harshly to them .Indeed , there are gods and walk on earth in the guise of men .

                               त्वं तु धर्ममविज्ञाय केवलं रोषमास्थितः। 
                               प्रदूषयसि मां धर्मे पितृपैतामहे स्थितम।।

            But you , not knowing dharma and being only angry , blame me who am rooted in the traditional dharma ( the heritage from my father and grandfather ).

                               एवमुक्तस्तु रामेण वाली प्रव्यथितो भृशम। 
                               न दोषं राघवे दध्यौ धर्मेSधिगतनिश्चयः।।

                 Being thus addressed by Rama and becoming highly distressed , Vali did not conceive of any fault in Ragava, having understood dharma  correctly."

                              प्रत्युवाच ततो रामं प्राञ्जलिर्वानरेश्वरः।।

                  Then the lord of the monkeys replied with folded hands to Rama:

                             यत्त्वमात्थ नरश्रेष्ठ तदेवं नात्र संशयः।।

             " O best of men , what you have said is true indeed . There is no doubt of this .

                              यद्युक्तं मया पूर्वं प्रमादादुक्तमप्रियं। 
                             तत्रापि खलु मे दोषं कर्तुं नार्हसि राघव।।

             O Raghava , it does not behove you to blame me for any impropriety or harshness which was already spoken by me through inadvertence .

                            त्वं हि दृष्टार्थतत्त्वज्ञः प्रजानां च  हिते रतः। 
                             कार्यकारणसिद्धौ ते प्रसन्ना बुद्धिरव्यया।।

              For you are well-versed in the practice of  truth and devoted to the welfare of the subjects . In finding out causes and effects (in detecting crime and ordering adequate punishment ) your   discernment is indeed clear and unerring .

                             सुग्रीवे चांगदे चैव विधत्स्व मतिमुत्तमाम। 
                             त्वं हि शास्ता च गोप्ता च कार्याकार्यविधौ स्थितः।।

            Bestow your best concern on Sugriva and Angada . Knowing as you do what should be done and what ought not to be done, you are their chastiser as well as their protector .

                             या ते  नरपते वृत्तिर्भरते लक्ष्मणे च या। 
                             सुग्रीवे चांगदे राजंतां त्वमाधातुमर्हसि।।

             O king and lord of men , it behoves you to adopt towards Sugriva and Angada the same attitude as towards Bharata and Lakshmana.

                              मद्दोषकृतदोषां  तां यथा तारां तपस्विनीम। 
                               सुग्रीवो नावमन्येत तथाSवस्थातुमर्हसि।।

             It also behoves you to direct not to humiliate the pious Tara who has benn implicated in my wrong-doing."

                              इत्युक्त्वा सन्नतो रामं सुग्रीवं प्लवगेश्वरः। 
                              आभाष्य  व्यक्तया वाचा सस्नेहमिदमब्रवीत।।

                Having said thus with due humility to Rama , Vali , the lord of the monkeys , addressing Sugriva in clear words , said these words with affection:

                               सुग्रीव दोषेण न मां गन्तुमर्हसि किल्बिषात। 
                                कृष्यमाणं भविष्येण बुद्धिमोहेन मां बलात।।

               " Sugriva ,for my misdeeds , you should not impute blame to me , who have been constrained by the folly which is to bring about the inevitable .

                              युगपद्विहितं  तात न मन्ये सुखभावयोः। 
                              सौहार्दं भ्रातृयुक्तं हि तदिदं तात नान्यथा।।

            Dear brother, I think it has been decreed that there cannot be happiness for both of us at same time , nor the natural affection of brothers ; this decree may not be altered .

                            प्रतिपद्य त्वमद्यैव राज्यमेषां  वनौकसाम। 
                             मामप्यद्यैव  गच्छन्तं विद्धि वैवस्वतक्षयम।।                
              Assume therefore this very day the sovereignty over all the forest-dwellers . And know me to be already going to the abode of Death.

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